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Dan Simon (leader)
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Trip Report
It was a great day; great weather and great company! This hike is pretty cool.
Event Information
Event Name Villager Peak, Anza Borrego State Park
Event Date/Time 1/22/2005 from N/A to N/A
Location in SAN DIEGO, CA
Event Type Backpacking, Hiking, Camping
Event Description


Here is a link to some additional info:


I don’t think and hour and a half is enough time to get out to the trailhead from San Diego.  So let’s meet at the trailhead at 8am.  If you want to carpool from San Diego, Meet at the Mira Mesa Park and Ride at 6 am.  The park and ride is west of I-15 just off the Mira Mesa Blvd. exit.


I didn’t mention this before but this hike is cross country.  This means there is no official trail and the grade of the hike is steep and over rough terrain.  I would recommend wearing sturdy footwear.  It is easy to sprain an ankle out there.


I would like to get back to the cars as soon as possible to avoid hiking in the dark so we need to be mindful of our progress.  If we start hiking at 8am with an estimated 11 hour hike, that puts us back at the cars at 7pm.  Sunset is at 5pm.  This means it is likely we will be hiking in the dark near the end of the hike.  Please bring warm clothes and a flashlight/headamp.


For warm clothes I am bringing a light fleece jacket, a lightweight beanie cap, and a windbreaker.  Also for unexpected circumstances I am bringing a space blanket and a rain poncho.  Other items I am bringing include 4 quarts of water, map, compass, gps, sunscreen, whistle, mirror, small first aid kit, sunglasses, food, hat, sturdy footwear, comb/tweezers to remove cholla cactus from hikers.