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Ken Murray (leader)
Event Details
Event Information
Event Name Overnite training trip/Snow Camping
Event Date/Time 1/15/2005 N/A to 1/16/2005 N/A
Location in Los Angeles, CA
Event Type Canyoneering, Mountaineering, Rock Climbing, Caving, Rappelling, Ice Climbing
Event Description

This is a trip specifically designed for people to have their first experience snow camping. 

I list this as "intermediate", because this is not the trip to have your first backpacking experience.

I am planning on taking advantage of the tremendous snow in the local mountains, so that we don't have to drive a very long way.  I'll make my final decision on location a few days before, but I'm thinking in terms of no more than an hour or so from Los Angeles.  Right now, I'd think of some thing off of Angles Crest Highway, or Mt. Pinos. 

I'm hoping the snow will cooperate in our being able to build a snow shelter or three.

I'm thinking of a hike in of no more than three hours, so we can drive up Sat morning, organize, and hike in and get our shelters in order.

you need to have/share a three season tent.  If you are not sure, ask me.  Most tents fall into this category.  You will not need a 4-season tent, but you can bring if you have.  It is very nice to have a tent that has a vestibule, preferrably two, and two doors are ideal.  Tent stakes do not work in snow, you can use zip-lock bags, with a cord tied around and to your tie-out points.  I'd recommend a zero degree bag, although you can get by with a colder bag, if you wear clothing in the bag, use a bivy sack, or a hot water bottle!

You would optimally have waterproof boots.  Leather seem always to leak, even when properly sealed, but if you wear plastic bags over them on the snowshoe or ski in, that works.

You can expect that snowshoes are required, cross-country skis would be an alternative.

You need gloves, and I recommend two pair.  An extra set of socks is essential. 

WARM hats are CRITICAL gear.  If you don't have at the trailhead, I will not let you come. 

You should be prepared with a gore-tex type waterproof shell, and waterproof pants of sort.  Ski pants and Jacket are generally acceptable.  You will want to have additional warmth layers.   However, the actual ski/shoe in will likely be very heat-producing, so be able to open up to ventilate.

We will  pool stoves/pots.  Food will be individual.  Assume no water, we'll have to melt snow.  

If we can go into the campground off the Angeles Crest, we'll have a bathroom, otherwise, we'll probably have to "pack it out".

Every participant MUST be signed up and be an ODC member. No "plus-1's", etc.

Everyone will have to sign up on the wait list, and I will review everyone for addition.  We will be able to take in 10 or so people total.

Please make sure your profile talks about your experience, if I don't know you well.  I may ask you about your experience, but don't be offended.  This is for your safety, as well as the groups.