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Ken Murray (leader)
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Event Name Introduction to Snowshoe Travel/CANCELLED
Event Date/Time 1/8/2005 from N/A to N/A
Location in ONTARIO, CA
Event Type Cross-county Skiing, Snowboarding/Skiing, Snowshoeing
Event Description

Thurs update:  Well, we have one HUGE snowstorm coming in.  I have been stongly advised to cancel by the Rangers, and I don't want people to be miserable.  There is a lot of snow, and we'll have a chance later.  There may even be room on Gianni's trip next Sat.


Monday update:

Sorry folks, all the snowshoes are spoken for, even mine....I'll be on

If I haven't specifically told you that I've reserved them for you,
have to rent or borrow some.

Places I would check, and it can vary with your area, are Sports
Adventure 16, perhaps some REI's, and there may be some private snow
that do.  I'd make a point of reserving them NOW, if you can, as
they are
going to be rented this weekend, if they will EVER be rented, and they
tend to get reserved before friday.

People have also asked me what footwear to have.  Obviously, waterproof
boots will be best, but the bindings on snowshoes will accept any
shoe or
boot.  Even athletic shoes will work. You might wear plastic boots over
them, though, and that works ok for a relatively short trip such as


This is an introduction to snowshoe travel, you need NO experience, but should be in reasonable hiking shape.

We will meet at 9am at the Visitor Center in Mt Baldy Village. We can park here without an adventure pass.

We will start at the San Antonio Falls trailhead at Manker Flats, for the 3 hour hike up and back Baldy Notch Road. You will need an Adventure Pass to park, and can obtain it at the Ranger Station where we will meet. Get there a little early if you need to do this. (they open at 8am.) There is a weather front predicted for this weekend, which makes for very pleasant hiking...but you ABSOLUTELY need to have tire chains or a 4WD if you are going to go past the ranger station. We can carpool from there, for those who don't.
I estimate we'll be hiking by 10, and be back by 1pm.  We often meet for lunch in the Village afterwards.

This is a very tame walk on a fireroad, with nice, sometimes isolated, terrain, but no possibility of getting lost. You will want to carry a quart or two of water. Hiking poles are nice, bring if you have, I will provide, otherwise.
While the activity generates a lot of heat, it will probably be cold, so dress in layers, and be sure to have a warm hat!

I have 6 pairs of MSR Denali snowshoes specifically for this activity. I will supply them, plus poles, for $15, the money will go to benefit the ODC.  The first 6 people who ask me, will get them.  You can rent snoeshoes at a variety of places in town, if you prefer. If you have your own snowshoes, let me know when you sign up, so I can add an additional person to the trip. If you are renting and bringing snowshoes, let me know, also.

If you are renting, I'll advise that this time of year, it is common for the agencies to run out by the weekends, so reserve early.

Getting to Mt. Baldy is easy.
1st. get to the 10 freeway.
(Via the 57 north, or the 15 north.)
Coming from the 57 head east, coming from the 15 head west.
Exit Mountain Ave. from the 10 freeway and head north up the mountain.

In the VERY unlikely event that the road is closed by snow, we'll go to another area, there are many choices right now!

Also, Gianni's trip on the 15th has a link with much good material, and is worth reviewing.