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Ken Murray (leader)
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Event Name Tune/wax your own skis/snowboard-clinic
Event Date/Time 1/11/2005 from N/A to N/A
Location in TOLUCA LAKE, CA
Event Type Cross-county Skiing, Snowboarding/Skiing, Snowshoeing
Event Description

I have been asked to repeat this, by popular demand:

Here is the concept: if you are a skier/shredder, having properly tuned and waxed boards are critical to excellent performance. When I was a 50-day/year skier, I became fanatic about this. I can't stand to ski on untuned or unwaxed skis, as it makes skiing so much harder! It is like the difference in driving a tuned-up don't have to, but it sure is a lot nicer.
So my practice is to tune and wax my skis every day......because it would cost a FORTUNE to have it done by a shop!
Done regularly, it takes a few minutes! It costs virtually nothing, once you have the basic gear, which costs little.

So here is the deal....I will teach you base repair, edge tuning and detuning, base structuring, waxing, wax tuning and polishing.......and what you end up needing to do for a race finish, and what you actually need to do for recreational skiing/shredding, which is VASTLY simpler.
We will cover all the equipment, from stone grinders, to hand files, and their various uses. I will suggest what you need to buy, and where to get the best prices for what you need. (Basic equipment should be less than $20, in my opinion, unless you want to go "Gucci")
When you are done with this clinic, you will be able to do a custom job of hand tuning your skis, which is better than what you will get if you take them into a shop, unless you spend a mint.

I am asking a donation of $50 for this clinic, but you will bring your own  pair of skis or snowboard (one only please) and leave with them tuned and waxed, which costs about that much, anyway! However, you will know how to do the work, have the equipment lists, will have observed me do it, and will have done it yourself under my observation. I will supply all the tools, equipment, and supplies needed. So basically, the clinic is free.

*All of the money will go to the OutdoorsClub for maintenence of the system, or other charitable activities of the Club.   I make nothing from this.

We will hold the clinic in Studio City, in the San Fernando Valley.  I'll send exact information to those signed up.
It will start at 6:30pm, and run to about 8:30.

We may do additional clinics, depending upon interest.