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Sailing Julie M (leader)
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Event Name Catalina Sailing Labor Day Sat-Mon
Event Date/Time 9/1/2012 8:00 AM to 9/3/2012 6:00 PM
Location in Long Beach, CA
Event Type Flatwater/Sea Kayaking, Sailing, Snorkeling/Diving, Hiking
Event Description

Note: just because there are people signed up does not mean the trip is full if I do not have their deposit.  So, read on and email me anyways. 

This is a coed trip and I already have enough (2) dudes who are good friends of mine.  Looking for 1-2 other girls

I'm a 33 year old female sailor with a 27 ft sailboat. We're sailing from Long Beach at 9am to Catalina (about a 5-6 hr sail) on SATURDAY(or motoring if there isn’t enough wind)  and return on MONDAY (we should be back at least by 6pm).  So you must be able to show up in Long Beach by 8am.  We will be going to 2 Harbors/Isthmus, not Avalon.  This type of trip is usually a good mix between outdoors stuff and partying so maybe not as much fun if you do not like alcohol...  also maybe not as much fun if you are married.  Also, you can hike, bike, volleyball, snorkel, swim, dive, kayak the caves, drink or play pool at the bar, lay out on the beach, make new friends, dance on the outdoor patio in the evening, drink “Buffalo Milks” as you listen to the live band on the patio in the afternoons, yacht hop or relax by yourself (whatever you want basically). People who have the most fun on this trip are those that can rough it for a few days and are willing to pull their weight by sailing (learning to), and helping with cooking or washing dishes, etc.  Also, it's a great place to be single  or act like you are ;).  All of us are in our 30s, so you will probably not feel comfortable if you fall outside of that range.  I'm not trying to offend anyone, but it's a small boat and you can't escape from us all weekend, so keep that in mind before you sign up.  I stock the boat with healthy food and endless bottles of wine for all 3 days, take care of the fuel, mooring fees, etc, so I am asking for $110 per person.  You may want to try the restaurant and eat out one day. 

I am not a commercial boat, but a private boat owner asking to be reimbursed for expenses :)  Keep in mind that the Catalina Express costs $70 round trip and then you'd have to get a hotel!  but you can sleep on my boat!    It’s not luxurious, but it sleeps 5 comfortably.  It's like glorified camping - kind of like everyone is sleeping in your living room, or on the patio, therefore, if you snore, you may be asked to walk the plank in the middle of the night (not a good trip for you!).  (don't worry there are public showers on the island).    We will leave the island by 12 on MONDAY (about 4-5 hours to get back).  

Oh and you must like doggies as I have a  "salty dog" Brittany Spaniel with alot of energy that loves meeting new people and sniffing everything you own. 

Disclaimer: although any idiot can legally sail a boat, I am not a licensed charter captain but a private boat owner. All money is to reimburse me for costs of the trip. In signing up, you realize that sailing can be dangerous and if you get hurt, you agree not to whine to your lawyer and sue me because I told you so, and I don’t have any money for you anyways!  

  I’m sending out other invitations, so basically whoever wants to go must contact me personally via real e-mail with your PHONE NUMBER and I'll call you to let you know that you are on the list.   Please do NOT SIGN UP  here until you hear back from me.  If you see people signed up here, it does not mean the trip is full.  E-mail me anyways. So, please e-mail me with the following info (yes, all of it please) to my private e-mail address found under the private information section (you'll have to temporarily sign up to see it):
-approx weight & height (for buoyancy purposes and sleeping arrangements)
-single? (not trying to find a date or anything.  If there
is a couple, just want to invite another single so
noone is a 3rd wheel)
-type of sailing experience if any (preference give to people who know how to sail, work a winch or a tiller since I have tendonitis and a broken back - definitely e-mail me even if you don't know how to sail)
-sports you are into
-dietary restrictions
-Where you live
-Phone number

I will ask you for a 50% deposit via credit card to secure your spot.  I will also ask you to sign a waiver (sorry but California appears to be sue-happy). 

Thank you in advance for not contacting me about future trips at this time.  They will be posted right here. 

***PS. if it looks like the spots are filled check with me as the people on the list may not have sent me a deposit yet and you can still come.****

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