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Ken Francis (leader)
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 What an AMAZING evening!  I think this was the most enjoyable paddle all summer!  Thanks to all who came... and thanks to all who came out this summer!



Event Information
Event Name Kens Wine and Cheese Paddle #6
Event Date/Time 8/28/2012 from 7:15 PM to 9:30 PM
Location in LONG BEACH, CA
Event Type Social Gatherings, Cooking, Flatwater/Sea Kayaking
Event Description

 Ken's Summer Evening Paddle #6

(Cross Posted with Scupper Supper Club) 


L A S T   C A L L  ! ! !

Wine and Cheese

Rental Service Available:





Intermediate Kayak Potluck


Hey Everyone!  9 wonderful years; You all know the drill by now!


...and for new people who don't:

This is designated an intermediate activity as we will be paddling back in the DARK. There will be no instruction, so we will just get in the boats and go.  We will also stay together as a group.

To participate, you must have paddled with me before.  In the past, we have had people attend who were not able to keep up with the group, or who showed up drunk.  This will not be tollerated.   *** If I do not see that you have paddled with me before and you have not contacted me to tell me about your previous kayaking experience, you will be removed from the trip list. ***  Any exceptions need to be approved with me prior to the event.  Anyone showing up who is not on the list will not be able to rent.  Also, we need to have a certain number of people renting in order to continue to be allowed to rent in the evening.  Those who have no-showed on previous paddles will be placed on the wait list.  

I am sorry to sound so restrictive, but due to past problems, this is the best way to ensure a safe and fun event.

We will also stay together as a group.


Long Beach  7pm

Pace will be slow and relaxed; enjoying the sunset and still waters. We will be stopping 1/2 way through at Spinnaker Bay for a floating social. Rental cost is $10.  We will be returning about 9:30pm.


***Renters:  Bring food only!!!  No wine in rental boats!  Bring cheese, crackers, fruit, pasta, seafood, or chocolate.  Be creative!


***Boat owners: Please bring wine or food.


***Everyone needs to bring their own cup and plate.


I will be there at 6pm.  Anyone is welcome to arrive early.





We will be dipping the boats in the water at 7:15pm, so make sure you are there and set up before that time!  At 7:15, the rental shop will close and no rentals will be allowed out after that time.  Those renting will also need to help place kayaks into storage at end of the paddle.  This teamwork is what allows us to rent at night and have these great rates.

Rental place is on Ocean Blvd and 54th Pl (Bayside of the penninsula).



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