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Gregg Beytin (leader)
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Event Name Overnight sail to Catalna
Event Date/Time 8/11/2012 N/A to 8/12/2012 N/A
Location in Los Angeles, CA
Event Type Sailing
Event Description

Join me on my Ericson 35 Mk II sailboat for an overnight trip to Catalina. We will spend the night at Twin Harbors Anchorage. We can go ashore for dinner and drinks. Sunday morning, we can swim and also take some great hikes.

My boat will sleep 5 below and 2 in the cockpit (two can share a double bed converted from the dinette). There is a stove and a barbeque. On one overnighter, a couple even slept hanging from the mast on a double mountain climbing bed.

I can almost promise we will be visited by dolphins. If we are especially lucky, maybe a whale will swim by. We will leave the slip at 8:30 A.M. sharp. It should take us about 6 or 7 hours to get to Catalina.

Be sure to bring a warm jacket, a sleeping bag, deck shoes or shoes that will not mark the deck, food for 2 lunches and 1 breakfast, refreshments and snacks. I have an icebox so feel free to bring items that need to stay cool. Please don’t plan on bringing a hard shell ice box on board the boat.

I will give priority to those with sailing experience and I’m also looking for a little gender balance. So, if you want to come along sign up on the waiting list and if we don’t already know each other, give me a bit of information about sailing experience, if any. If NOAA predicts the change of rain at 30% or more, we cancel.

Expect to help clean up the boat when we return.

Money: There is no charge for the trip but a donation of about $20.00 (for gasoline, mooring rental and maintenance) would be appreciated.

Directions to Boat: From the intersection of Venice & Lincoln Blvds:

Go south on Lincoln Blvd about 0.4 miles.

Turn Right on W Washington Blvd and then 0.7 miles to

Left on Palawan Way

Cross Admiralty Way and continue on Palawan Way

On your right will be Mother’s Beach (If you are on the side that the Cheese Cake Factory is on, you are on the wrong side of Mother's Beach)

On your left will be a public parking lot (you can pay for long term parking at the machine) – If you want to park close to the boat this is it

The boat is in slip 2906 – you can almost spit on it from the public parking lot.

If you get lost call me at 310-266-8592

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