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Gregg Beytin (leader)
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Event Name Malibu Coast Two Step Bicycle Camping Tour
Event Date/Time 6/16/2012 9:00 AM to 6/17/2012 5:00 PM
Location in Los Angeles, CA
Event Type Mountain Biking, Road Biking, Camping, Adventure Travel
Event Description

Regardless of your experience and expertise, join us for a 21+ mile (each way) bicycle camping tour of the Malibu coast.

Beginners Start Time: 11:00 A.M. sharp at the Starbucks in Malibu at 3900 Cross Creek Rd. near the Malibu Civic Center.

Advanced/Intermediate Start Time: May house at 9:00 sharp. 4711 Sanford Drive in Culver City.

Route: the Advanced/Intermediate riders will ride to the Beginners Start at the Starbucks in Malibu. After both groups join, we ride north on Highway 1 for about 20 miles to Leo Carrillo State Park. If we want to do more miles, we will continue on to Sycamore Canyon State Park. There, we will check into the Hiker-Biker campsite for $10.00 per person. The next day we return the same way. Highway 1 is sometimes hilly along this stretch of coast. However, for an intermediate rider, the hills are not a significant challenge. All the hills, but the hill south of Zuma Beach (5-7% grade), are seldom more than 3 or 4% grade. In any event, hills are good for you. If we get to our campground early enough, we will have time for the beach.

Eating: Before we get to the campground, we stop at the Pavilions Market just south of Zuma Beach. There we will shop for our evening campground (or beach) barbecue. Afterwards we will take break at the Trancas shopping center just north of Zuma Beach. We can also have lunch at Trancas (Starbucks again) or ride 2 more miles north of Leo Carrillo State Beach to the legendary Neptune's Net. However be warned, Neptune's Net is not known for fine dining. It is known, however, to attract scores of motorcycles like puppies to a slobbery tennis ball. To be fair, if you are willing to pay a (much) higher price for lunch, move around to the south side of the restaurant and you will find a very good fish fry bar. For Breakfast Sunday morning, we can cook in camp, and/or eat along the way, and/or wait until we return to our starting location.

I rate this trip as beginning due to short distance and few hills. I estimate the distance each day is about 18 to 24 miles (depends on where we camp). In fact, I organized this trip especially for beginners. So, if are a beginner who is in reasonably good shape and wants to find out what bicycle camping is all about, you are especially invited to sign up. More experienced riders; even the hard core types are invited to come as well. We will also need someone handy with tire levers to ride sweep.

If you have any questions email me or call my cell phone number is 310-266-8592. You will need to pack as you would for a backpacking trip (but no backpack!), a multi-gear bike in good repair, a spare tube etc., panniers or a trailer. If you need help with equipment or you would like to borrow a set of panniers, a trailer, or even a bicycle set up for touring, please email or call me.


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6 year(s) ago
Michael Williams posted a comment on the event Malibu Coast Two Step Bicycle Camping Tour:
Thanks for the photos Ken. Gregg and Audrey, thanks for your hospitality and another great trip. I will posting some photos shortly
6 year(s) ago
Judi posted a comment on the event Malibu Coast Two Step Bicycle Camping Tour:
I'm thinking I might join you for a bike ride on one of the days (but not camp). Do you think that would work Gregg? As it gets closer, I will figure out if I might ride out with you all on Satd., then ride back home (or take the bus) Satd. afte...
6 year(s) ago
nishit joined an event: Malibu Coast Two Step Bicycle Camping Tour