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Verdi (leader)
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Event Information
Event Name Annual Cactus to Clouds hike, AKA C2C with Verdi
Event Date/Time 5/5/2012 from 4:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Location in Palm Springs, CA
Event Type Hiking
Event Description

 Annual Cactus to Clouds hike, AKA C2C with Verdi

Total elevation gain: 11,000' + - 
Summit: 10,800' 
Total mileage: 21 +- Miles 
Total trail time: About 7 to 15 hours 
Total waking hours: 15 to 22 hours

Start Time: 4:00 AM.  Hike time and date is subject to change based on snow and weather conditions.  Toward the top, we will likely encounter snow but likely will not require any special equipment and I will advice accordingly within the last week.  

The details about starting and ending points, two way radio channels, lights, hotel reservations, any other suggestions will be emailed to participants closer to event day.  The event will be closed for new participants 5 days prior to.

I will have training hikes every Saturday prior to this event and you will likely need to attend those if you are planning to do C2C hike.

This is an invitation for anyone to join me, only if you think you are capable and experienced hiker.  I am not in a position to decide who is qualified and who is not. This is one of the toughest hike around, possibly in continental USA. So if you know your limits feel free to put your name in and join me. This is rated an expert hike which is above and beyond advanced level and you are presumed to know what it takes to do this hike and navigate in nature/wilderness.

This is likely not going to be a group hike but a buddy system, as long as you can keep up with somebody. There is a good chance you may be separated and hiking by yourself. It is recommended that you bring along a two-way radio and navigation device. We will regroup at few strategical locations. We will also have an optional dinner in Palm Springs after the hike.

MY WAIVER (This is in addition to the OCHC's Waiver in which you have already agreed in order to participate OCHC activities. If following is not acceptable, please do not sign up.): Any outdoors activity can be challenging, fun, or a painful experience, often depending whom you are with, even deadly and more painful depending on you, your abilities, circumstances, lack of judgment and sometimes just bad luck. Accidents happen. Any outdoor activity involve risk of injury or even death. Please do not sign up; if you are not comfortable with what you are doing, unwilling to take that risk, or if you think you don’t have the needed skills for the event. You are not participating to an event organized by trained outdoors people or medical professionals. No one are trained or paid to watch after your safety. You will be agreeing to take responsibility for yourself, your actions and not to hold organizer/group leader, participants, cooks, carpoolers or anyone liable but yourself by signing and/or showing up for this event. Please remember that if you are not capable to this event or you don’t know your limits and still sign up, you may not only put yourself in danger but also all the other participants who are going with you. You further agree to pay for any medical or legal cost involved in case of an injury to yourself, and request your heirs to respect your agreed waiver in case of an injury or even death due to any reason, by signing up for this event. Please also note that I may exclude or include anyone at my own discretion.