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Lois (leader)
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Event Name Mountain Bike/Up and Down Saddleback Mountain, and then some/ 3/4/12
Event Date/Time 3/4/2012 from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Location in Orange, CA
Event Type Mountain Biking
Event Description

 Pre-Counting Coup Counting Coup

Meet: Xmas Tree farm at intersection of Silverado and Blackstar Canyon (on east side of Santiago Canyon)

Date: Sunday, 3/4/12

Time: 7 a.m.

Bring: a functioning mountain bike, the ability to fix a flat, sufficient food and water,  a forgiving nature, a helpful attitude and a really good sense of humor. We are riders of all speeds. You want to race it? You can. You want a slacker ride? You can do that too.

You can do some or all of this ride. There are several bail out points. The total ride is the Counting Coup course. The ride is as follows:

1. Up Blackstar (8 miles, 2K ft climbing) if you want to quit you can turn around at the top and go back .

2. Across the Main Divide and down Silverado Motorway. (8 miles of MD, 2.2'K ft climbing, 3 miles of MW, downhill) if you want to quit here, you can ride down Silverado Canyon 5 miles to your car. 

3. Up Maple Springs to 4 corners (7 miles, 2'K ft climbing) From the bottom of the MW to here you can quit and go back down Maple Springs.

4. Across Main Divide to Santiago Peak (5+/- miles, 1'K (?) ft climbing) From the bottom of the MW to here you can quit and go back down Maple Springs.

5. Down MD to Upper Holy Jim, down Upper and Lower Holy Jim, out on dirt road to Live Oak (11 miles (?), downhill)

Technical parts: Silverado Motorway and Upper Holy Jim, lower Holy Jim has a few technical spots too. The rest is just fire road.

People who want to ride past Santiago Peak and do the entire ride will need to say so and check in with the others re setting up a shuttle and also doing a water drop.

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