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Sailing Julie M (leader)
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Event Name Sunset Sailing Harbor Cruise: Wine, Cheese, etc
Event Date/Time 11/13/2011 from 1:45 PM to 5:15 PM
Location in Long Beach, CA
Event Type Sailing
Event Description

The rain will stop on Saturday!  Should be clear and crisp!

A three hour tour… a three hour tour…” - only it will be almost four hours and this isn’t the SS Minnow, and it certainly doesn’t use a motor. I will provide the sailboat (Ericson 27), lesson (sort-of), unlimited wine, cheese, fruit, salami, and fizzy non-alcoholic drinks, etc. and am asking for $25/pp.    We’ll meet at a marina in Long Beach at 1:30pm on SUNDAY and the sail will be approximately 4 hours long. You are welcome to go out afterward on the 2nd street strip in Long Beach (maybe). I’ll be bringing salami with the Hors D’oeuvres, but I don’t want this to be a salami fest or chick trip. It is all ages and coed:  I have room for 4 more people, so if you are a boy and you see that there are already 2 boys signed up, the trip is full for you. If you are a girl, and see that there are already 2 girls signed up (other than me), then it’s full for you. You must be okay with sitting close next to your new friends. When you sign up, you are committing to go. This is not a “maybe” so check your calendar FIRST. If you end up canceling, then you have taken a spot from someone else and have filled the trip, and made it more expensive for myself (who has to suck up the rest of the cost).  Please be courteous.
Before you sign up, please be certain that you will fit in an average adult size PFD (not that we'll be sinking).  You will also be asked to sign a standard waiver (just a formality for sue-happy California). 

Oh and you must like doggies as I have a Brittany who's "salty dog" and tries to steal the salami (no hiding the salami on this boat!). 

Disclaimer: although any idiot can legally sail a boat, I am not a licensed charter captain but a private boat owner. All money is to reimburse me for costs of the trip. In signing up, you realize that sailing can be dangerous and if you get hurt, you agree not to whine to your lawyer and sue me because I told you so, and I don’t have any money for you anyways!   When you sign up, please e-mail me immediately to my real e-mail with your name and phone number and (if you have an odd name) whether you are a BOY or GIRL (yes, even "Pat" is ambiguous). (Also please comment on the signup your gender so everyone can see).  Read Private Info below. If I don't receive an e-mail from you  right away (I do not use the messenger on here), you will be removed from the list (sorry, but this prevents flake-age).  Once I receive an e-mail from everyone, I will send out the meetingplace details and packing list.  Don't panic, this might be Saturday morning.   Please don’t e-mail me about future trips. I’m not organized enough to e-mail everyone when a trip comes up. I’ll post the trips right here.

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