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Event Name Saturday am Hike To Cedar Creek Falls from San Diego Country Estates
Event Date/Time 12/4/2010 from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Location in SAN DIEGO, CA
Event Type Hiking
Event Description


Enjoy a fresh morning, the cooler weather, and feeling a million miles away from the psychic soup of the city.

We will hike the very steep trail down to Cedar Creek Falls and enjoy the grass, trees, sky and ultimately the pool and waterfall.

Saturday 11/13 we saw a tarantula on the way, and we had to cross a very low flowing river by stepping over a few rocks.

The pool was particularly clear (


Everyone needs to sign up themselves to sign the waiver.

11/28- weather prediction for this trip: Saturday: Mostly sunny, with a high near 60.

updated Friday 12/3: Saturday: Partly sunny, with a high near 65. Calm wind becoming west around 5 mph.



Out and back hike. Roundtrip distance: 4.6miles.

It is a 'reverse hike'... about 2.3m down to the waterfall and then a tough hike back up to the trail head  (most of the +-2, 000ft elevation gain is squeezed into the last 1.79miles back to the car.)

(Info on the elevation gain was obtained from )

The hike starts at 8am at the trailhead. We will spend about 1 hr hiking to the waterfall, hang out there for about an hour, and head back up. Allow 75 - 90 minutes for return hike to trail head. We will be back at the trailhead before noon. 

Although beginners do the hike it is not a 'newbie hike', and it requires fitness and perseverance. We will try to select the less steep options as the trails have many options that split off. I am a facilitator rather than a hike leader, and it will be each person's responsibility to stay with the group if you want support or are not familiar with the trail.

You will be glad you brought:

1. Hiking Boots

2. Hiking Poles (yeah yeah i know - some think they are for sissies- but this hike will make you think of them as the best thing since sliced bread. Poles are essential if you have knee issues- $2/day to rent them from A16.)

3. 3 quarts of water recommended, start hike with no less than 2 quarts.

4. Snacks.

5. Windbreaker. Last Saturday we were sweaty from the hike down and felt a bit chilly at the pool.

6. A smile, this is a super fun hike! (This is my 4th visit in the last 2 months.)

......and your 10 essentials. Be prepared for anything.


p.s. and a dry shirt to change into back at the car.



**When signing up please indicate where you will be meeting us (A. Del Mar, B. Iron Mountain parking lot, C. at the Trailhead, ... Pse arrive 15 min early - we will be leaving at the times indicated.)

Meet  -8am at trailhead.  C on the map    MAP: 

Cedar Creek Falls trailhead 15519 Thornbush Rd Ramona, California 92065  

or       -7am in del mar A on the map

(It is Possible to meet at iron mt parking lot  on 67 at Poway rd  B on the map.  If you want to meet here arrive at 7:15 and be ready to go at 7:25) . Details will be posted on private information later.


We'll be back by 12noon with time to nap and the rest of the day to do other thingsalt!

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