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EMIL KOTIK (leader)
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Event Date/Time 11/20/2009 from N/A to N/A
Location in SAN DIEGO, CA
Event Type Backpacking, Hiking, Camping
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Come visit the famous Great Oak Tree and learn about its interesting and colorful history. And see for yourself  the amazing beauty and enormous size of this California Live Oak Tree (Quercus agrifolia). It is believed to be the oldest and largest Coast Live Oak Tree in California and probably the world! It is located in Temecula on Pechanga tribal land. The photo of the Great Oak Tree shown here appears to be a grove of smaller oak trees surrounding a larger one.  In reality it is just one huge tree with a spread circumference of about 650 feet! You can join me and take a free guided tour into the Pechanga Reservation to observe this lovely tree, inside and out. Then tour through a re-created village with teepees and morteros. The Pechanga guide will share with us a lot of fascinating history of the Great Oak, as well as tribal history and the development of their land. No strenuous hiking involved, maybe just a few hundred yards of easy strolling and sightseeing. Or you can just sit on the bus. Be sure to bring a camera and comfortable walking shoes. The shuttle bus for the tour leaves at 1PM from the Pechanga gas station. Be there early, it will not wait for you and neither will I! (You cannot go see the Great Oak unless you take one of these guided tours). The tour will be about an hour and a half. To get there, get on interstate 15 and take the exit to 79 south. Continue to Pechanga Parkway and turn right. Drive just past the casino (on right) and turn right to the gas station. Then self park for free on either side of the station. The station has a mini mart with food, water, snacks, other liquids (yes, beer!) etc. For those coming from the south, I will be at the Rancho Penasquitos park and ride for recommended carpooling. From interstate 15, exit at Rancho Penasquitos Blvd. and go west (north) and follow the park and ride signs to the P&R on the left behind MacDonalds and the gas station. Be ready to depart from there by 12 NOON.

   After the tour, you have the option of joining me at the casino for gelato ice cream, lunch, snacks or whatever.

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