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Rob Huizar (leader)
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Trip Report
Thanks for attending! Accoring to the list, we had a 100% member signup/showup! 4:30 pm We hit the Trail! Trial was great, but these new worm-catapillar like creature is killing all these trees... quite depressing. 5:30 pm Heat gets to a few members... Not a problem! 7:15 pm We find Camp! Set up, and live with the ants! 8:00 pm Off to the Swimming Holes! 9:00 pm Cold, we head back to camp... and notice how very hot it is. No camp fire lead to some intersting food ideas. Mix in some booze, jokes, and some ODC Members for great night! 6:00 am Wake 9:00 am Up and head to Swan Rock. We did not head to the bridge based on the intense morning heat and the anticipated afternoon weather. Instead we headed to seak swan rock! Photos will be posted. 11:00 am Return to Camp, and begin the search for gold! Our efforts yielded nothing. Sorry gang! We'll try again some time! 4:00 pm On the Trail back home again! 5:30 pm OMG! We mad it back in record time! Thanks for the great trip! I was really tired when I got home! See you all again soon! Rob
Event Information
Event Name In Search of GOLD: Along the East Fork
Event Date/Time 8/10/2002 N/A to 8/11/2002 N/A
Location in AZUSA, CA
Event Type Backpacking, Hiking, Camping
Event Description ***This Trip has been updated AGAIN, Please Re-Read!*** *** NOTE: This is an overnight trip *** Heya all! Its time to make like the 49ers and head for the gold! What? You mean you only visited the East Fork to see some Bridge that leads to Nowhere? Aww.. then you've missed out! The weekend of the 10th in August, its time for you to make a little cash! *Why does this sound like an info-mercial?* Not a whole lot of cash, but rather, spend the weekend with some great Outdoors Club Folk and search for Gold! Heres the Deal: The East Fork is one of California's richest sources for gold, even today! Pan the Gold, Snipe For Gold, Or even "Dig" for gold. Here's the Plan: Saturday Afternoon At 1:00pm we'll meet at a location (TBA) on Azusa Ave. in Azusa City to make up carpools since parking is very limited at the East Fork Parking Area. Once we arive, we'll hike our stuff about 2-4 miles to a prime location and set up camp! From there, we'll take a nice walk to Swan Rock, and visit the Bridge to Nowhere (Even the Secret Cave BEHIND the Bridge). The Next Morning we'll begin the gold finding! There are plenty of things to do include swimming in the nice river pools (Which I'll be doing since it'll be very hot)! You can fish as well! And of course, just kickback, relax, and enjoy the weather. We'll finaly pack up and head out around 3-5 Pm, and head into the city. With any luck, most people will find SOME form of gold! If anything, we should all have a great time. Directions to location, photos, and all the information you'll need will be posted as it come in! Here are the things you need: Flashlight or Headlamp: Nightime Use, and Cave use. Food: If you want it. Cooking stuff: For "Hot" Foods - But we'll probly have some kind of pot-luck. Sleeping Bag: To Sleep Tent: We'll Probly Need to Share, so don't worry. Snorkel and Mask: If you want to Pan for gold, this might come in handy. Get the $10 Deal At target. Even good just to swim around in! Sun-Block: The only real coverage are the trees along the river. Zip-Lock bags: I want NO extra animals in our camp :) Stuff you think you might want to mine with: Pan, Plate, and a jar. (More on this later) Should be fun! Contact me if you need any, ANY, questions, call, email, or leave a message: and 626-253-4952 ********UPDATE 7-21-2002******************* I've found gold!!!! But not that much... perhaps $10.00 worth? Anyhow... I've just got back from scouting out this trip. Over the Past two days, I've been down in the East fork, and the conditions are WONDERFUL! Here is what I've learned: LOTS OF ANTS! Some do bite, but hey, they are pretty much everywhere, so learn to live with them. I did! Plenty of Private Water Holes! There were quite a number of people skinny-dipping today and jumping off rocks in the nude, so if this is your thing to do, you've got it made! Oh ya, the water is great with coverage too. Our waterhole will be about 12 feet from camp. Not too cold at all! Warm even in the Eve!!! The TENT ISSUE: The space is VERY limited and we will have to clear out some additional space. Start making some friends, we'll need to share tents. If you have any EXTRA tents, please bring them! You'll have to hike your gear over some rough terrain at sometimes: A hiking stick is highy recomended. You WILL get wet. Protect anything that can be ruined by water before setting off. Nights ARE chilly, even summer nights. Additonal Items to Bring: FLIP FLOPS or some other water shoe or sandal. Trust me. Bring it. Even the 99c Deals will do good. More Comming soon! ********************************** ********UPDATE 7-24-2002******************* A few new notes! On Sunday, we will be making an early trip to the bridge to nowhere. At the bridge, Bungee America will be stationed there to offer Bungee Jumps off the Brige! Let me tell you, you may want to consider it: Below the brige is a river with great HUGE rocks! You'll feel like you're going to hit them head first, until the moment you feel yourself being thrown to the other side of the bridge! Go for it! Prices and company info is located here: As of July 1st, 2002, a fire restriction has been put into place. This means NOT STOVES can be used this trip. Please respect this request. The area where we will camp is VERY VERY VERY dry. All the more fun though right? I was actualy thing of a way to have our stove somehow float in the water of the swimming holes... hmmm... Equipment Note: If you have a portable chair, you may want to consider bringing it! The rocky ground may not be too nice to your bottom! ******************End Updates******************** Thanks, Rob