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Luca Chiarabini (leader)
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Event Name Technical Canyoneering Course in San Diego
Event Date/Time 3/3/2006 N/A to 3/5/2006 N/A
Location in SAN DIEGO, CA
Event Type Backpacking, Hiking, Camping
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Technical Canyoneering Course

WARNING: This course is now full. Send your check if you want to be added to the waiting list. I'll contact you if a spot becomes available.


The American Canyoneering Association (ACA) is offering a Technical Canyoneering Course down in San Diego on March 3-5 2006.

Canyoneering (aka Canyoning) is an adventure sport that combines hiking, wading, swimming, butt-sliding, boulder hopping, rock climbing, cliff jumping and rappelling down flowing waterfalls.  

If you like the idea of rappelling down 200ft waterfalls and exploring inaccessible slot canyons, then this course is for you. Technical canyoneering does not require any special physical skill, if you can hike then you can canyoneer. Because of gravity, rappeling down the waterfalls does not usually require much effort either. Age is not a problem, I’ve canyoneered with people from 7 to 65 years old.


Below are some pictures of what canyoneering is all about...



Brian Jennings in Bailey Canyon (Pasadena)        Xenia Chiarabini (7yo) in Santa Anita (Pasadena)

            (photo by Lee Eismann)                                       (photo by Luca Chiarabini)



       Frank Pineda in Seven Teacups (Kernville)           Cesar & Judit Fernandez in Chipitin (Mexico)

                (photo by Luca Chiarabini)                                   (photo by Luca Chiarabini)





The ACA's Technical Canyoneering Course is structured to provide students with the skills and techniques necessary to descend technical vertical canyons with flowing water (aka Class B/C).  

Topics you will learn and practice include:

  • canyon topography and rating systems
  • canyon navigation and route finding
  • canyoneering gear selection, use and care
  • climbing, belaying and hand lines
  • utilizing transient anchors for belays and hand lines
  • how to evaluate and rig specialized canyoneering anchors and belay systems
  • the importance and proper use of tension-releasing hitches and
  • contingency anchors when rappelling into moving water
  • rappelling and passive lowering systems
  • efficient rope deployment and rigging
  • pros and cons of using autoblocks or prussiks for self-belay
  • passing a knot on rappel
  • locking off on rappel
  • meteorology and flash floods
  • canyoneering style and ethics

Other topics introduced and demonstrated include:

  • ascending fixed ropes
  • escaping potholes
  • stream dynamics and features
  • swift water crossing and swimming
  • water slides and jumps

Please refer to for more information on Technical Canyoneering or more pictures from the Canyon Gallery.




No, I’m not the instructor of this course. I’m just an ACA member from San Diego that took the Technical Canyoneering course in 2005.
Your instructor will be Rich Carlson, the founder and president of the American Canyoneering Association (ACA). His credentials as canyoneering guide and instructor are really extensive:       




The Technical Canyoneering course cost is $295 per person. The training ground will be Santee Boulders and Mission Trails, just 20 minutes away from downtown San Diego. Some equipment such as ropes and extra rappelling gear will be provided by the instructor during the course. After the training you will be able to join the San Gabriel chapter of the ACA and join some of the periodical canyon trips they do around LA and San Diego. You will also be entitled to participate in the multiple Canyoneering Rendezvous the ACA organizes every year in Arizona, Utah, and other parts of the world (Spain, Mexico, Crete, etc.).




To reserve you a spot please sign up for this event and mail a $295 check to:

Luca Chiarabini

16399 West Bernardo Dr

MailStop 60U14

San Diego, CA 92127


I'm managing the list of participants MANUALLY.

Being in the event list DOES NOT GUARANTEE YOUR ENROLLMENT. You need to send me your check in order to guarantee your reservation.

I will close the participants list once I receive 12 reservations (12 checks).  After that I will hold any check in a waiting list. If a cancellation arises I will contact you IN THE ORDER THAT YOUR CHECK WAS RECEIVED.


Cancellations received before Feb 20th will receive full refund. After Feb20th no refund will be granted, but you will have the option to attend the ACA Technical Canyoneering training in a future date.


If you have questions feel free to contact me at